It’s time for PONY CLUB!


Now is the right time is to find out what 10 in 1 means!

PONY CLUB is the right place for family fun. It’s an oasis of:

1. health,
2. sport,
3. recreation,
4. entertainment,
5. relaxation,
6. playing games,
7. education,
8. creative workshops,
9. laughter and
10. a place for developing imagination.

In a quiet part of the Petrovaradin Fortress, children can relax and play while riding our ponies, developing at the same time their mental and physical skills under professional supervision of trainers and therapists.

In the meantime, parents and other visitors can relax in a unique garden, surrounded by althea flowers and listening to the song of birds from nearby trees. Far away from stress and hectic life, PONY CLUB is a place where the entire family can refuel positive energy.

Find out why laughter rules around here and see for yourselves why you come here once and stay forever. Share with your nearest and dearest joy and happiness of carefree childhood.

PONY CLUB welcomes and embraces those who know the art of giving, because here you can find friends who unselfishly share their love and heart.

The moment is right for PONY CLUB because here time is measured by peace and quiet, the fragrant scents of nature remain in your soul for days, and children’s laughter is heard everywhere- from the swings to the coral, from the sandbox to the flowery meadows.

Spring has started to tickle your imagination, bringing back the forgotten smells that conjure up childhood memories! What are you waiting for? Bring along good will, because where there’s a will, there’s a way. We are waiting for you!

PONY CLUB is the first pony club in Serbia, founded in the spring of 2011 with the idea of promoting love for pony horses and encouraging pony riding. Our activities include breeding and promotion of ponies, as well as encouraging children from 2 to 10 years of age to enjoy the pleasure of riding and taking care of these beautiful animals.

Founders of PONY CLUB are Tamara and Željko Kuran, encouraged to a great extent by their children’s love of horses …

Our goal is to improve this segment of horsemanship, to develop affection for these wonderful animals at an early age, thus slowly and safely introducing young children into the world of horses.

Throughout the year, PONY CLUB is located within the riding club “PETRAS”, at the Petrovaradin Fortress, just 2 km away from the center of Novi Sad. Ponies can be ridden every day, except on Mondays, following the schedule: on weekdays in the afternoon, and on weekends both in the morning and in the afternoon.
PONY CLUB activities:

Pony Riding

Pony Club provides children with the opportunity to enjoy taking care of ponies and riding them. Riding a pony remains an unforgettable experience for children.

Educational Program

Educational walking tours on the Fortress are organized for a period of one hour. Each walking tour is thematic, interactive, adapted to the children’s age. Through games and entertainment, each walking tour contains elements of the NTC program, with an emphasis on spending time outdoors in the nature, physical activity, improving balance, development of motor skills and inquisitive spirit in children. Groups of children are organized with a maximum of 10 participants.

Pony Store

We offer plenty of gifts and souvenirs, as well as our own editions that are available from our Pony Store, which is a part of our PONY CLUB.

Working time:

Weekdays in the afternoon, and at weekends both in the morning and in the afternoon, schedule depending on the season. On Mondays we are closed.